Automatic RPG Customer Reviews:


Auto rpg

Awesome and gives you hilarious dialogue

Missing items. ..?

Can anyone help me, I beat the game but I'm still missing half the list of items, where are they? Is there a download for them? A patch? Are they past hell? I'm so lost :/

Awesome games

I really like this games since its not addictive and addictive at the same time. And doesnt matter how much times that i have, playing this games is still awesome. add things to this games to make it better.


It's really funny and when your phone goes all the way off it still gives you gold. It's a grinding game. "Fu Fu".

No offline lvl up

Well, it says even when the game is not running, my heroes should lvlup right? Well it doesn't. My exp is 1000, left, come back an hour later, still the same exp. Tried several time.

Amazingly Simplistic

That's pretty much all. 30th floor on the infinite dungeon. All characters lvl 250 and up. I "play" too much

Ads killed it

Full-screen pop-up ads in a clicker game :/ cheap and greedy tactic


Gets boring after a while...

Great game!!!

I can play this while doing other things! Lol

Good idea

The game has a nice story and it easy and simple to play; however, I would have liked it to be a "fully" auto game, kinda like adventure capitalist. A type of game where you can get exp and gold even while the app isn't running. Otherwise, a fun play and I would recommend it to anyone with spare time.

False advertising

Standard tap game until you realise it doesn't actually do anytging when you don't play it like it says. Waste of 40 megabites.

Good but...

When you idle or leave the game... there seems to be a huge problem it has with giving you gold based on how long the game has been out of focus or closed based upon the level you left it on. I often get no gold but tons of exp.

Fun short game

I really liked how the game flowed never felt like you weren't making enough progress the story was fun it took about 2 days to finish it was worth the download

nice game,

love it,..

It is a classic

Simple and with funny dialogue. It'll get you to farm previous levels just to strengthen your heros to the max... and you won't mind one bit. If pop ups are an issue just like with other apps... Just DC from your internet while playing. But know that ads are what pays the bills.


It's fun the ending was ok but I hop for a part two.

Good but...

Games good but a have a bit probs.

I think a rename is in order

Alas a game of true automatic potential... A game of bravery, fear, curiosity and...... Uuuuhhhhgghhhhh *yawn* nope.... Not even close. "Hey guys" says Billy "yes Billy" says Billy " I like this game" Billy says drooling " you don't know anything Billy " well that's right automatic actually means sit her and press a whole bunch of buttons! Why all this time I thought that was manual work well bend me over, plug my nose and call me late for dinner! Good game though


Some grammer issues in the story segments especially towards the end of the game. But overal its awesome.


I wish there were events for holidays


Decent game

Quick to finish

Good Game

Love it so much

Kinda short with the whole plot...

Anyway, I'll give it 5 stars.

Nice time waster

Ultimately, it does what it's supposed to and gives you something to waste time on. It's fun to collect all the items but gold scaling late game is really, really bad. Exp scaling is okay, could do with a boost late game as well though.

Sucked me right in

Haven't put the phone down except to charge since I went on days off...

Alright time waster. Bad translation/in desperate need of proofreading.

I don't even know how good it is my game gliches and I can't go any further than the level up part of the tutorial

To short

I love this game

It how do you equip things?

Pretty good

Would love to see more adventures instead of just the infinity dungeon

Anthony Rybka

Lol you can't even spell. So before u criticize the spelling learn to spell English. Not Engrish. I know that wasn't done on purpose. But I'm checking the game out 1st. Stars will go up or down depending on of I like the game.

Great fun

Wouldn't change a thing. Does just what it says and more. Wish there was an item guide but finding them is part of the fun. Enjoy!

Short, Sweet, Simple

Despite the basic graphics of this game, it was all around enjoy able with tons of items to collect and funny dialogue from the hero's to bosses. I at least took great interest in the monster design's. Good job,!

Won't let me download

I want to play this game but it isn't downloading

This game is so much fun

Easy, you gain exp and gold while not playing




really really amazing sooo amazing when you get this app? cmon download this

Not Entirely Auto

I ran a test with two tablets for an hour. Both with characters at the same level. I left the application on for one tablet and let the other run in the background. Seems background money and exp gathering doesn't work as it should because the tablet that had the application on had tons more cash than the one running in the background.